What are silent power plants?

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silent power plants

The main objective of a power plant is to generate electricity through the manipulation and transformation of mechanical energy, in most cases it is used to power tools or objects that work connected to energy. If you want to know more about power plants and their operation, I invite you to read our blog: How does an electricity generator work? 

Silent power plants are tools specifically designed to generate electricity without producing a lot of noise in the process, unlike conventional power plants, silent ones can reduce decibels and work between 50 and 65, which is relatively low noise considering that The decibel range heard by a person without any hearing impairment is 0 to 140.

Currently, having silent power plants is essential so that companies that use continuous process machinery do not affect the people who work around them. This tool allows production to continue even in the event of electrical failures that affect the company, which guarantees that all internal processes can be completed without potential losses. If you need a silent power plant, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

How do silent power plants work?

Silent power plants work in a similar way to conventional power plants in the process of generating energy, the main difference is in the design and construction of silent power plants that allow them to operate with less noise since they include a soundproof system.

The soundproofing system of a silent power plant consists of the combination of insulating materials and silencers that are used to reduce the noise produced during the power generation process. Some of the more common insulating materials used in quiet power plants include:

  • Acoustic foams: These are lightweight, porous materials used to absorb sound and reduce its propagation.
  • Soundproof panels: These are special panels that are designed to reduce vibration and noise generated by moving parts of the engine and generator.
  • Lead sheets: used in some cases to reduce sound transmission through walls and other surfaces.
  • Composite materials: multi-layer composite materials can be used to obtain better sound insulation.

Some silent power plants include a speed and load control system to regulate the power supply and ensure quieter, more efficient operation. It is important to note that the design of the soundproofing system can vary from one power plant to another, depending on factors such as the size and power of the plant, the type of motor used, and the location where the plant will be used. See More

silent power plants

What alternatives can I use to further reduce the sound of my power plant?

One of the great advantages of this type of tools is that they are compatible with a large number of devices that are not specific to the tool itself. The accessories have a positive impact on the operation and performance of the plant, some of the accessories that we mentioned above are:

Duct Silencers

Duct silencers are designed to slow down the exhaust gases and thus reduce the noise generated by the power plant. They function by means of a series of chambers and baffles (device used to modify the flow of gases in a specific direction) that allow the expansion and gradual deceleration of the exhaust gases, thus reducing the noise generated by their high speed. 

engine exhaust mufflers

Engine exhaust mufflers are devices designed to reduce the noise generated by the exhaust of the internal combustion engine in a power plant. These silencers are installed in the exhaust system and are responsible for attenuating the noise generated by the combustion of the engine and the exhaust of combustion gases. It works by chambers and sound-absorbing materials that disperse the waves generated by the engine and the gases produced, it is located at the entrance of the exhaust duct.

acoustic barriers

Noise barriers are devices designed to block, absorb or redirect sound in a certain direction and thus reduce the noise level in a specific area. In quiet power plants, noise barriers are used in conjunction with other noise reduction devices, such as engine exhaust mufflers, to ensure that the noise level generated by the plant is as low as possible. This is especially important in noise-sensitive environments, such as residential areas or close to hospitals or schools.

What benefits do silent power plants bring?

Some of the benefits of silent power plants are:

silent power

Thanks to the specialized design with which they are manufactured, silent power plants are able to significantly reduce the sound level compared to many other types of generators.

Fast answer

One of the great advantages of acquiring this type of power plants is their rapid response to interruptions in the flow of electricity, since they can act practically in a matter of seconds.

Reliability and little consumption

Silent power plants guarantee little consumption of resources during their instance of inactivity, at the same time that they provide the security of being prepared at all times to take action at the moment in which their use is required.


Quiet power plants have an extremely long life expectancy. Although it is difficult to calculate an exact figure, since it depends on variables such as the time of use, the quantity and quality of maintenance, the area in which it is installed, among others. However, it is estimated that they can last more than 10 years in optimal conditions.

Where can I buy power plants?

In JRH, we have extensive experience in the manufacture and import of electric plants throughout the country, which has made us one of the main suppliers in the market. If you are looking to implement a power plant in your company, we can help you choose the best option for your needs. Additionally, we are proud to present our innovative tool, the diesel electric generator, which you can find out in detail by consulting here. If you would like more information or speak to one of our advisors, do not hesitate to contact us here. We are here to help you with everything you need.

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