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15kw Diesel Generator

  • Quality certification: Complies with ISO8528 and GB/T2820-2009 regulations to ensure maximum quality and reliability.
  • Efficient Diesel Engine: Perkins 403D-15G, 3-cylinder engine, offering a balanced mix of power and fuel efficiency.
  • Reserve Power: Ability to operate continuously during emergencies without allowing overload at nominal values.
  • Main Power: Works with variable loads and allows the 10% to be overloaded for 1 hour in a 12-hour period.
  • Compact Dimensions: Depth of 72 inches, width of 39 inches, and height of 56 inches, ideal for small spaces.
  • Maneuverable Weight: Weighing 1,900 pounds, it makes setting up and moving easy.
Power (ESP)kW/kVA15/15
Power (PRP)kW/kVA13/13
Nominal voltagev240
rated currentA54.2
Rated Rotation Speedrpm1800
power powerPhp1


Efficiency and reliability in a compact design.


Stamford Alternators

Superior electrical stability for constant use.


Advanced Fuel Storage

Extended autonomy, fewer recharges.


Smartgen controls

Intuitive operation and advanced protection.


Boost your Project with a 15kw Diesel Generator!

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15kw Diesel Generator

Ideal use

This type of generator is a versatile energy solution, designed for those looking for reliability and efficiency. Its size and power make it perfect for a wide range of applications. You don't need to be a technology guru to operate it; Its friendly interface and simple controls make it accessible to everyone.

Whether you're working on an off-grid construction project, hosting a special outdoor event, or preparing for emergencies, our 15 kW Diesel Generator is your reliable power solution. It combines the robustness needed to support demanding workloads with the ability to provide clean, stable power. This generator represents a smart investment for both professionals and companies.


Diesel Electric Generators



  • Engine and Alternator: Key components to generate energy.
  • Refrigeration system: Keeps the engine at an optimal temperature.
  • Base Frame: Main structure, excluding fuel tank.
  • Shock Absorber and Air Intake System: For smoother and more efficient operation.
  • Control box: Includes floating network charging for efficient management.
  • Plastic Fan Blades: Provides additional cooling.


  • Frame with Fuel Tank: For greater fuel autonomy.
  • Water Heaters and Separators: Improves performance in cold climates.
  • Various Sensors: For fuel and water level monitoring.
  • Automatic Fuel Supply System: Facilitates fuel management.
  • Battery Frame: Additional battery support.


  • Muffler: Reduces generator noise.
  • Bellows and Exhaust Silencer System: Improves silent operation.




Fuel consumptionl/h2.1 (50%) 3.2 (75%) 4.3 (100%) 4.7 (110%)
Phase number Phase 1
Insulation Degree H
Post Number 4
Excitation mode self-excitation
Panel Type digital-panel
Performance Grade G3/G3
Noise Level (Db)OpenType
Silent Type
94 ± 2
63 ± 2

15kw Diesel Generators


This type of generator stands out for its ability to provide a reliable, high-power energy source in demanding conditions. With a focus on durability and intuitive operation, this generator is ideal for a wide range of applications, from industrial environments to outdoor events.

Its design ensures sustained performance, while its technology simplifies management and maintenance. It is the perfect choice for those who need constant and efficient power.

Are you ready to take the next step in energy efficiency? Contact us today and discover how the 15kw Diesel Generator can be the backbone of your project.


High Energy Efficiency

Produces energy optimally.

Extended Reliability

Ideal for continuous use in demanding conditions.

Ease of Maintenance

Quick and hassle-free maintenance.

Advanced technology

Intelligent controls for efficient operation.


They trust us

Why choose our diesel electric generator?

Opting for our 15 kW diesel generator guarantees efficiency and constant performance. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and versatile design, it provides a reliable power source suitable for facing any challenge.

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Frequent questions

Typical maintenance includes regularly checking and changing the oil, air and fuel filters, and coolant. Additionally, it is recommended to periodically inspect the electrical connections and motor components.

Installation can be complex and generally requires a specialized technician. It includes securing a suitable location, connecting the generator to the electrical system, and setting up safety systems such as automatic transfer switches.


This generator runs on diesel. Fuel consumption varies depending on use, but generally a 15 kW generator can consume between 2 and 4 liters of diesel per hour under full load.


Yes, a 15 kW generator is suitable for use as a backup power source in homes, especially large homes or those with high energy demands.


The noise level can vary, but many models are designed to be relatively quiet, generally ranging between 70 and 85 decibels at a distance of 7 meters.

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