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20kw Diesel Generator

  • Generator Certification: GB/T2820-2009 and ISO8528 regulations.
  • High Performance Diesel Engine: Equipped with a Perkins 404D-22G 4-stroke 3-cylinder engine, optimized for long-lasting performance.
  • Safe Reserve Power: It operates continuously with a variable load in emergencies, without allowing overload above the nominal values.
  • Reliable Main Power: Operates continuously with a 10% overload capacity for 1 hour in any 12 hour period.
  • Compact Design: Dimensions are 78 3/4″ deep, 33 1/2″ wide and 63″ high, suitable for different space configurations.
  • Built to Last: It weighs 3,500 pounds, reflecting its robustness and ability to withstand various environments.
Power (ESP)kW/kVA20/20
Power (PRP)kW/kVA19/19
Nominal voltagev120
rated currentA92
Rated Rotation Speedrpm1800
power powerPhp1


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Get ready to transform the energy efficiency of your project with our advanced 20kw diesel generator. Explore its technical specifications in detail and discover the unique advantages that this equipment offers.

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20kw Diesel Generator

Ideal use

The 20kw Diesel Generator represents an optimal solution for those looking for an energy source that combines robustness and reliability. Its versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from supporting the demanding demands of a construction site to providing power at outdoor events, or serving as a backup system in businesses and residences.

One of its strong points is its design that prioritizes low noise emission, which makes it especially suitable for environments where tranquility is crucial, such as hospitals or residential areas. In addition, this generator stands out for its ability to operate uninterrupted for long periods. This feature is vital in situations where constant power is essential, such as in hospitals or long-duration events. 


Diesel Electric Generators


  • Engine and Alternator: The heart of the generator, providing the energy.
  • Refrigeration system: Keeps the generator at an optimal temperature.
  • Base Frame: Life support structure.
  • Air Intake System: Ensures adequate air flow.
  • Control box: Includes the management of the electrical network load.
  • Plastic Fan Blades: For specific models without motor and water tank included.

Optional Components:

  • Fuel tank: For integrated fuel storage.
  • Water Jacket Heater: Improves performance in cold climates.
  • Fuel Water Separator: Ensures fuel purity.
  • Fuel Level Sensor: Monitor fuel in specific tanks.
  • Switch Box with Switch: Facilitates energy control.
  • Engine Anti-condensation Heater: Protects the engine in humid environments.


  • Muffler: Reduces exhaust noise.
  • Bellows: Flexible connection for the exhaust system.




Fuel consumptionl/h3.1 (50%) 4.6 (75%) 6.2 (100%) 6.9 (110%)
Phase number Phase 1
Insulation Degree H
Post Number 4
Excitation mode self-excitation
Panel Type digital-panel
Performance Grade G3/G3
Noise Level (Db)OpenType
Silent Type
94 ± 2
64 ± 2

20kw Diesel Generator


Discover our 20 kW diesel generator, a true pillar of reliability and efficiency, which stands out for its exceptional performance and robustness. Designed to provide a constant and reliable power source, it is ideal for meeting continuous and rigorous power demands.

Its ability to ensure an uninterrupted and fault-free power supply makes it essential in extensive operations.

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Fuel Efficiency

Optimized fuel use.

New Silent Operation

Low noise, ideal for any environment.

Advanced technology

Intelligent control for better management.

Durable Reliability

Robust and reliable for intensive and prolonged use.


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Why choose our Diesel electric generator?

Our 20 kW diesel generator represents the smart choice for those who need a reliable and efficient power solution.

Equipped with the latest technology in energy controls, it offers reliable management and performance. Its intuitive design ensures simple operation and maintenance, offering exceptional long-term value.

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Frequent questions

Regular maintenance includes checking oil and coolant levels, changing oil, air and fuel filters, and inspecting the battery charging system. It is important to follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule to ensure optimal performance and extend the life of the generator.


Fuel consumption may vary depending on the load the generator is supporting. On average, a 20kW generator could consume around 2 to 3.5 liters of diesel per hour. For more precise calculations, it is recommended to consult the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer.


20kW diesel generators are generally equipped with noise attenuation systems. Although the noise level can vary by model and manufacturer, many operate within the range of 70-80 decibels at a distance of 7 meters. For environments that require lower noise levels, additional soundproofing solutions can be implemented.


Installation of a 20kW generator must be carried out by professionals to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations. Although the process is straightforward, it involves proper electrical connection, installation of fuel systems, and ensuring adequate ventilation.


 Yes, it is possible to integrate a 20kW generator into the existing electrical grid to act as a backup. However, this must be performed by a qualified electrician and may require an automatic transfer switch to ensure a smooth transition between the main power source and the generator.

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