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10 kw Diesel Generator

Generator: Robust generator with international regulations GB/T2820-2009 and ISO8528.
Type of motor: Perkins 403D-11G diesel.
Reserve Power: It maintains constant and uninterrupted power even during emergency situations, avoiding any overload that could damage the equipment.
Main Power: Provides reliable daily use with the flexibility to handle an additional 10% of charge for a period of up to one hour within a 12-hour cycle.
Dimensions: Depth 72 inches, width 36 inches, height 55 inches, allowing for efficient integration into varied spaces.
Weight: 2000 pounds, reflecting its sturdy construction and long-lasting quality.

Power (ESP)kW/kVA10/10
Power (PRP)kW/kVA9/9
Nominal voltagev240
rated currentA37.5
Rated Rotation Speedrpm1800
power powerPhp1.0


They are high efficiency motors recognized for their durability and reliability.


Stamford Alternators

High quality components for consistent and stable power generation.


Advanced Fuel Storage

Designed for safe, efficient fuel storage to meet all your needs.


Smartgen controls

Intelligent control systems for efficient generator management.


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10kw Diesel Generator

Ideal use

This type of generator is perfect for providing reliable and efficient energy where you need it most. Its robust design and advanced technology make it ideal for a wide range of applications, always guaranteeing the best performance. Whether you need it for construction projects, outdoor events, or as backup in commercial facilities, this generator is the smart choice to keep your activities running without interruption.


Diesel Electric Generator



  • Engine and Alternator: Essential parts of the equipment.
  • Refrigeration system: Maintains proper engine temperature.
  • Base Frame: Equipment support structure.
  • Shock Absorber and Air Intake System: They contribute to the correct functioning of the engine.
  • Control box: Manages team operations.
  • Plastic Fan Blades: Perfect complement to the ventilation system.


  • Frame Fuel Tank: It consists of a place to store fuel.
  • Jacket Water Heater and Fuel Water Separator: They help improve efficiency and separate impurities.
  • Fuel Heater and Fuel Level Sensor: For better fuel management (sensor is only used with certain tanks).
  • Switch Box: They facilitate the control and safety of the equipment.
  • Water Level Sensor and Motor Anti-condensation Heater: They help maintain the correct water level and protect the engine.
  • Fuel Supply System: Provides fuel automatically.
  • Battery Frame: Battery holder.


  • Muffler, Bellows and Exhaust Silencer System Accessories: They are used to reduce engine noise.




Fuel consumption l/h 1.4 (50%) 2.1 (75%) 2.8 (100%) 3.0 (110%)
Phase number Phase 1
Insulation Degree H
Post Number 4
Excitation mode self-excitation
Panel Type digital-panel
Performance Grade G3/G3
Noise Level (Db) Open Type Silent Type 92 ± 2 64 ± 2

10kw Diesel Generator


Our new line of 10 kW diesel generators are characterized by high reliability and power, making them ideal for ensuring uninterrupted operations in a variety of circumstances. Equipped with a durable and efficient motor, they are perfect for long-term, high-demand applications.

Its design facilitates its integration into various environments, while its advanced control system ensures stable and quality energy. In addition, its flexible configuration, with standard and additional options, guarantees its adaptability to the specific needs of each user.

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High performance

Generates optimal energy, minimizing costs.

Robust design

Durable for long life.

Reliable operation

Stable energy, without interruptions.

Easy to use

Simple installation and operation.


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Why choose our Diesel electric generator?

Our diesel generator offers reliability, energy efficiency and durability. Designed to offer a powerful and constant energy source, it stands out in efficiency and lower environmental impact.

Our models are easily adaptable to various operating conditions and come backed by a technical support team always available to assist you.

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Frequent questions

The noise level may vary depending on the design and acoustic insulation of the generator, but in general, a 10 kW Diesel Generator produces between 70 and 80 decibels at a distance of 7 meters.


Fuel consumption may vary depending on the model and conditions of use, but on average, a 10 kW Diesel Generator consumes between 2 and 3 liters of diesel per hour of operation at full load.


Regular maintenance includes checking oil levels, cleaning or replacing filters, and general equipment inspection. We recommend periodic consultations with a specialized technician to ensure optimal operation.


Yes, but it must be installed by a professional electrician and equipped with a transfer switch to ensure safe operation and comply with local regulations.


Installation can be complex and requires technical knowledge, especially for safe connection to the electrical system. It is always recommended that installation be carried out by a qualified professional.

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