Electric Generator JP 10E

VP 10E

60Hz 1800rpm IP 120/240V


Power (ESP)kW/kVA10/10
Power (PRP)kW/kVA9/9 
Nominal voltagev240
rated currentA37.5
Rated Rotation Speedrpm1800
power powerPhp1.0


Generator: GB/T2820-2009, ISO8528
Alternator: VDE0530, NEMA MG 1-32, IEC34, AS1359
Diesel engine ISO3046, DIN6271
Reserve Power: It continues to operate with variable load for the duration of an emergency. No overload is allowed at these ratings.
Main Power: It continues to operate on variable load for unlimited periods with a 10% surge available for 1 hour in any 12 hour period.




Fuel consumptionl/h1.4 (50%) 2.1 (75%) 2.8 (100%) 3.0 (110%)
Phase number Phase 1
Insulation Degree H
Post Number 4
Excitation mode self-excitation
Panel Type digital-panel
Performance Grade G3/G3
Noise Level (Db)OpenType
Silent Type
92 ± 2
64 ± 2


Standard: Engine, alternator, cooling system, base frame (excluding fuel tank), shock absorber, air intake system, control box (including mains float charge), plastic fan blades (when engine and water tank do not bring).
Optional: Base frame (including fuel tank), jacket water heater, fuel water separator, fuel heater, fuel level sensor (only supporting underframe tank), switch box (with switch), ignition switch , water level sensor, engine anti-condensation heater, automatic fueling system (only supporting base frame including fuel tank), battery frame.                Accessories: Silencer, bellows, exhaust silencing system accessory (with matching engine).

perkins engine

engine mode   403D-11G
Type of motor   4 times; Online; 3 cylinder Diesel
air inlet shape   naturally aspirated
cylinders   3
cylinder diameter hmm 77
stroke hmm 81
Displacement L 1.1
rated power KW/HP 08/11
compression ratio   5:1
Fuel system   Direct Mechanical Injection
Refrigeration system   water cooling
Lubrication system   splash pressure
Start System   Electrical start
Fuel type   Confirm to USA Fed Off Highway
Lubricating oil brand   15W40-CH4 Update
Cooling water capacity L 5.2L
Lubricant capacity L 5.0L
voltage state v DC12V


Alternator Manufacturer Stamford
Alternator Model PI 044G
Control system AVR
insulation system ClassH
Protection IP44
Rated power factor 0.8
stator winding Standard No.6
temperature grade H
Voltage Regulation ±0.5%
Satisfactory normalization IEC600034,NEMA MG1.22,ISO 8528,CSA,UL 1446,UL1004B
  • Acrylic screen, improved wear and scratch resistance property;
  • Silica gel panel and keys can adapt well to higher and lower temperatures;
  • With RS485 communication port, it can achieve the "three remote" functions through MODBUS protocol;
  • Fits 3P4W, 3P3W, 1P2W, and 2P3W AC power systems (120V/240V), 50Hz/60Hz;
  • It can measure and display 3-phase voltage, 3-phase current, frequency, and power parameters of grid/generators;
  • The power grid has functions of over/under voltage and lack of phase; generators have functions of over/under voltage, over/under frequency and over current;
  • Precision measurement and display of parameters about the motor,
  • Control protection: Automatic genset start/stop, load transfer (ATS control) and perfect fault display and protection;
  • With ETS, idle speed control, preheat control, speed drop/rise control, all of them with relay output;
  • Parameter adjustment: Allows the user to modify the configuration and store it in the internal FLASH memory. Parameters cannot be lost even when power off. All parameters can be adjusted not only from the front panel, but also use the programmable interface (or PS485 interface) to adjust through PC;
  • Multiple temperature, pressure and fuel level sensors can be used directly, parameters can be user-defined;
  • Multiple crankshaft disconnect conditions (speed sensor, oil pressure, generator) can be selected;
  • Power supply range: (8~35)VDC, accommodating different volts of starting battery;
  • All parameters use digital modulation, instead of analog modulation using conventional potentiometer, having improved reliability and stability;
  • Add a rubber gasket between the controller shell and screen, the tightness can reach IP55;
  • The controller is fixed by metal fixing clips;
  • Modular design, flame retardant ABS shell, flush mount, compact structure and easy installation.


LCD display (132*64)
Operation Panel Silicon Rubber

Language Chinese & English & Others
Digital Input 5
Relay Output 6
Analog Input 3

AC System 1P2W/2P3W/3P3W/3P4W
Alternator Voltage (15~360)V(ph-N)
Alternator Frequency 50/60Hz
kW/Amp Detecting & Display

● Monitor Interface LINK
Programmable Interface LINK


DC Supply DC(8-3
Case Dimensions(mm) 197*152*47
Panel Cutout(mm) 186*141
Operating Temp. (-25~+70)℃

Silent Type


WeightPounds2,000 vertices

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