Generators Puerto Rico

Power your home or business with JRH power plants! Are you looking for a reliable solution for your energy needs? Do not look any further. Discover our wide range of power plants designed to offer you constant and safe energy in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Power Plants

Generators Puerto Rico

At JRH, we're dedicated to delivering exceptional generators in Puerto Rico, ensuring all your machinery requirements are met with the highest standards. Our portfolio boasts advanced technology, including the prestigious Perkins Engines and Stamford alternators, enriching our product range to be your premier choice for generators.

But we don't stop there. Beyond providing you with the tool, we provide a complete service. From generator installation to detailed pre-analysis, we offer you a comprehensive experience. Thus, you can fully trust that you are not only purchasing a product, but a service designed to satisfy each of your needs.

1800 RPM Diesel Generator

We provide top-tier, guaranteed technical service to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

We are the leading experts in Puerto Rico's power plant industry.

Generators In Puerto Rico


Discover the standard of excellence in energy with JRH. Since our establishment in 2017, we have become the trusted name in Puerto Rico, offering first-class products and services in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.

With over 300 successful projects to our name, our legacy speaks for itself, demonstrating an uncompromising commitment to quality every step of the way.

In the field of installation of generators of various types, we stand out for our first-level specialized technical service. Each member of our team has been meticulously trained to ensure exceptional results on every project. At JRH, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with an unsurpassed service experience and unparalleled quality in every interaction.


Since this type of machinery is designed to fulfill highly demanding functions, it is imperative to maintain constant vigilance on its maintenance to guarantee the optimal functioning of this tool.

At JRH, we are not limited only to the distribution of these tools; We have a specialized team capable of carrying out different types of maintenance that each generator may need.

If you want to know more about the various types of maintenance and all the aspects that we must take into account when carrying out this process on our machinery, we invite you to explore the following information: Maintenance of electric generators 

Generators Puerto Rico

JRH Electric Generators

The best alternative in Electric plants,  our power plants present high standards of quality, efficiency and durability throughout the entire market. We offer a wide variety of Power Plants from 10kw to 2,000kw.


Diesel engines are recognized for their outstanding reliability, efficiency, and durability.

Stamford Alternators

Known for their reliable performance, energy efficiency, and long lifespan.

Advanced Fuel Storage

Fuel tanks are constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant materials.

Smartgen controls

Known for their ease of use, versatility and advanced automation capabilities.

Generators Puerto Rico

Advantages of a Diesel Generator


One of the details that makes diesel generators incurred upon gasoline ones is precisely the safety factor, since diesel is a much easier fuel to handle since it has properties that make it less volatile compared to gasoline. 


It is necessary to emphasize that the diesel generators motor has the particularity of having a much lower consumption, generating this that the efficiency that it performs in the energy supply is greater.  

Back up

With one of these generators in your possession, you will have the opportunity to have an insured backup in the event of a major power emergency that deprives us of current electrical energy.


Diesel generators offer the significant benefit of producing less heat compared to gasoline generators. This reduced heat output contributes to a considerably longer lifecycle, making them a more durable.

Generators Puerto Rico

What products do we have?

Here at JRH we display several types of generators, some of them are:

Diesel Electric Plant 10 kw

Ref. JP 10E
Diesel Generator
Power: 10 kW
Diesel Power Plant Suitable for home use or small offices. Its capacity is enough to power essential appliances, office equipment and light tools.

Diesel electric generator 15 kw

Ref. JP 15E

Diesel Generator
Power: 15 kW
Voltage: 240V
diesel electric generator Ideal for use in small businesses or shops. It can support several simultaneous loads, such as heating, cooling, lighting and some machines.

Diesel electric power generator 21 kw

Ref. JP 21E

Diesel Generator
Power: 20 kW
Voltage: 120V
diesel electric power generator It could be used for small or medium events, such as weddings or fairs. It is also suitable for use on moderate-sized construction sites.

Discover the definitive solution for your electrical needs in Puerto Rico with JRH. Explore our selection of the best power plants and ensure a reliable supply of energy for your home or business. Click the button below to explore our products right now!

Puerto Rico Power Plants

Power plant installation service

At JRH we offer the best power plants in Puerto Rico throughout the entire market, since we are proud to announce that the quality and durability standards that our products have are the best in the country. 

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