Maintenance of electric generators

Maintenance service of an electricity generator

What is the maintenance of an electric generator?

The maintenance of an electric generator seeks to preserve the integrity of the machine. There are two types of maintenance of electric generators:

  1. The first is a Preventive Maintenance.Without a doubt, it is the maintenance that should be preferred. It is mainly an exhaustive review of each of the systems that make up the electric generator. This review, is carried out carefully. It should report possible failures or malfunctions of the machine. If they are not serious, these failures should be able to be corrected, in order to avoid eventual repercussions.
  2. Second, we have the Corrective maintenance. This type of maintenance is already a repair. It is carried out when the integrity of the machine has already been negatively affected to some degree. Corrective maintenance therefore consists of correcting faults and repairing any damage that may have been caused. Its purpose is to repair the machine and to guarantee, as far as possible, that it works again before any damage occurs.
How does an electric generator work?
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Maintenance service of an electric generator

What happens if I don't do my maintenance on time?

Surely you have heard that prevention is better than regret. A preventive maintenance, with respect to a possible repair or corrective maintenance, implies lower costs and a shorter maintenance time. If the preventive maintenance of the electric generator is not complied with, its constituent parts will most likely be affected and even damaged by constant use and the consequent decay of the machine

For example, as it is a machine whose operation involves a Diesel engine, if it does not undergo a change of filters (air, oil and fuel), and lubricant in the indicated period of time, its operation could be seriously compromised. 

Because, in the presence of dirt, the moving parts (both internal and external) of the engine would be exposed to a very inadequate level of friction and heat, which considerably decreases the useful life of the engine and the electric generator in general. Not to mention that its efficiency is also compromised in the short term.

On the other hand, taking into account that the alternator is the fundamental part of the electric generator, and that it also has moving parts, if periodic inspections are not carried out to test their status, these parts will most likely pile up dirt, which reduces their operation, which increases fuel costs. 

In this sense, skipping overhaul can obviate the fact that some parts may become misaligned; The consequence of this would be a terrible malfunction that, if not corrected later, would end up ruining the alternator.

Maintenance service in Puerto Rico

Why is it important to do maintenance?

carry out a preventive and corrective maintenance regularly in a diesel generator is crucial to ensure its efficiency and prolong its useful life over time. A diesel generator is a valuable tool in emergency situations and in places where electrical power is limited or non-existent. However, if proper maintenance is not performed, critical generator components can wear out and fail, resulting in costly repairs or even the need to replace the entire equipment. Therefore, it is important to regularly schedule diesel generator maintenance and perform periodic inspections to make sure the generator is working properly.

Extend the useful life of the electric generator

Well, like any other machine, the time it will be functional depends on its care. The general care of the electric generator (which does not depend solely on periodic maintenance, but on conscious and methodical daily use, attentive to any inconvenience) will extend the life of the generator by many hours of use.

Maintain stable and in the best conditions its operation and efficiency

Therefore, the importance of electrical generator maintenance lies in the fact that you can continue to obtain safe, reliable electricity at a reasonable cost.

Maintenance service of an electricity generator

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We have a technical team specialized in the sale and setup of electric generators as well as in their maintenance. Since 2017, we have provided Puerto Rico with the possibility of having energy-generating machines for the industrial, commercial, and domestic sectors.

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In Puerto Rico we are recognized for the sale and installation of electric generators. Our trajectory has more than 300 projects completed satisfactorily, according to high quality standards.

This same experience in the installation of electrical generators, added to the intensive training of our personnel, enables us to offer you the best electrical generator maintenance technical service in the region.

Whether it is a routine review, an exhaustive diagnosis of the general condition of the machine, or a repair that cannot be postponed, count on us to preserve your electric generator in perfect condition. We are committed to service excellence and we guarantee unbeatable results.

Maintenance service

Maintenance service for electric generators

Electric generators, like any high-performance machine, need preventive maintenance.

This procedure must be carried out regularly, completely and thoroughly, so that the generator can continue to provide safe and reliable electrical power.

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