Electric Generator Repair Workshop

Electric Generator Repair Workshop

All about the Maintenance of Your Electric Generator

At JRH Power Generator, we not only offer maintenance, but we are a market-leading electric generator repair shop. Our focus is on:

  1. Preventive Maintenance: Essential to prevent problems before they occur. It includes periodic and thorough reviews, identifying and correcting small faults before they become major problems.

  2. Corrective maintenance: This focuses on repairing existing damage. It is an immediate response to problems that have affected the operation of the generator, seeking to restore its optimal operation as soon as possible.

From our side you can be sure that your generator is in expert hands, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability.

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We provide top-tier, guaranteed technical service to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Keep your electric generator in excellent condition

Maintenance service of an electric generator

What happens if I don't do my maintenance on time?

Skipping preventive maintenance on your electric generator can have serious consequences, some of them irreversible. At our electric generator repair shop, we have observed that lack of proper care can lead to accelerated deterioration and critical failures.

For example, in a Diesel engine, omitting regular filter and lubricant changes can seriously compromise its operation. This increases friction and heat on moving parts, reducing engine life and affecting generator efficiency.

Likewise, the lack of inspection of the alternator can lead to the accumulation of dirt and misalignments in its parts, which negatively impacts its operation and increases fuel costs.

At JRH Power Generator, we highly recommend regular maintenance to prevent these problems and keep your generator running efficiently and safely.


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Why is it important to do maintenance?

Performing preventive and corrective maintenance on a regular basis on diesel generators is vital to their performance and longevity. At our electric generator repair shop, we understand the importance of these machines in critical situations and in areas with limited access to electricity. Neglecting maintenance can lead to costly wear and failure, even requiring complete equipment replacement.

For this reason, we insist on the importance of scheduling periodic inspections to ensure the optimal functioning of your diesel generator.


Extension of the useful life of the equipment

Regular maintenance on an electric generator prevents accelerated wear of its components, which leads to a longer useful life of the equipment. With consistent inspections and care, generators can run efficiently for longer, avoiding premature replacement and associated costs.


Maximum Efficiency in Generator Operation

Regular maintenance is essential to identify and fix minor problems that could affect the efficiency of the generator. This practice ensures a constant and reliable power supply, while helping to reduce long-term operating costs.


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Our team

At JRH Power Generator, we pride ourselves on our technical team highly specialized in the sale, installation and maintenance of electric generators. Since 2017, we have been serving Puerto Rico, offering reliable energy solutions for industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Our experience in the electric generator repair shop ensures exceptional service and the highest quality equipment.


Why choose us?

We stand out for our experience, specialization and commitment to quality. Our expert technical team ensures efficient and reliable solutions for any need, whether industrial, commercial or residential. Choosing us means trusting professionals dedicated to keeping your energy flowing safely and efficiently.

We are your energy ally, guaranteeing peace of mind and constant support.

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Frequent questions

Electric generators need two main types of maintenance: preventive and corrective. Preventative maintenance includes regular inspections, cleaning, changing oil and filters, and load testing to prevent failures. Corrective maintenance is performed when failures are detected, and focuses on repairing or replacing damaged components.

Diesel generators vary in size and capacity, adapting to different needs. At JRH Power Generator, we offer a wide range of these generators, ranging from practical 10 kW models, ideal for small applications and home backup, to high capacity 2000 kW systems, perfect for large industrial or commercial installations. Each of our generators is meticulously designed to ensure a highly efficient and reliable diesel power solution, ensuring our customers receive the best option for their specific power needs.

The frequency of electric generator maintenance It varies depending on the model and the use given to them. In general, it is advisable to carry out preventive maintenance at least once a year or after 200 hours of operation, depending on which of these conditions is met first.

Failure to perform regular maintenance can result in unexpected failures, decreased performance, increased fuel consumption and, in severe cases, irreparable damage that may result in the need to replace the generator completely.

A typical maintenance service includes checking the cooling system, changing oil and filters, inspecting and cleaning batteries, testing the starting and charging systems, and checking electrical connections and mechanical components.

Signs that a generator needs urgent repair include unusual noises, excessive vibrations, difficult starting or inability to start, fuel or oil leaks, and failures in power delivery.


Maintenance service

Expert Care for your Electric Generator

Like any high-performance machine, electric generators require proper and regular maintenance. This meticulous and complete procedure is essential to ensure that the generator continues to provide electrical power safely and reliably.

At JRH Power Generator, we offer this essential service and many others, all with the guarantee of quality and efficiency that characterizes us.

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