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Diesel electric generator

An Electric Generator is a machine that manages to convert rotating mechanical energy into electrical energy.

A Diesel generator is a highly evolved piece of equipment, from which a high performance (up to 95%) can be obtained for its nominal operation.

Diesel Generator Parts


Provides the magnetic field on which its operation is based. 

Stator or fixed armature:

This is where the electrical power is generated and in turn conducted to the equipment.

References of Electricity Generators

Diesel Electric Generator Ref. JP 10E

diesel electric generator

Power(ESP) – 10kW or 10kVA  
Power(PRP) – kW/kVA – 9/9
Rated Voltage – V – 240
Rated Current – A – 37.5
Rated rotation speed – r/min – 1800
Power Factor – Pf – 1.0

Diesel Electric Generator Ref. JP 15E

diesel electric generator

Power(ESP) – kW/kVA – 15/15
Power(PRP) – kW/kVA – 13/13
Rated Voltage – V – 240
Rated Current – A – 54.2
Rated rotation speed – r/min – 1800
Power Factor – Pf – 1

Diesel Electric Generator Ref. JP 21E

diesel electric generator

Power(ESP) – kW/kVA – 20/20
Power(PRP) – kW/kVA – 19/19
Rated Voltage – V – 120
Rated Current – A – 92
Rated rotation speed – r/min – 1800
Power Factor – Pf – 1

Diesel Electric Generator Ref. JP 30E

diesel electric generator

Power(ESP) – kW/kVA – 29/29
Power(PRP) – kW/kVA – 26/26
Rated Voltage – V – 240
Rated Current – A – 108
Rated rotation speed – r/min – 1800
Power Factor – Pf – 1

Diesel Electric Generator Ref. JP 60E

diesel electric generator

Power(ESP) – kW/kVA – 56/70
Power(PRP) – kW/kVA – 50/63
Rated Voltage – V – 240
Rated Current – A – 150
Rated rotation speed – r/min – 1800
Power Factor – Pf – 0.8

Why having a diesel generator?

Over time we have seen how certain devices such as electric generators have ceased to be seen as a luxury, or an accessory that we can do without, because it is undeniable that today having these, it has practically become a necessity for an infinity of companies that are dedicated to different industries and sectors. Taking special weight in institutions that work in a field that requires massive computer networks.

Another sector that benefits greatly from the management of a diesel generator that can serve as a guaranteed reserve is the field of health. Places like hospitals are instances that cannot afford to be without electricity, as this could have fatal outcomes, causing loss of human life in the worst scenario.  

Now, before we can show you all the tools we have, let's take a closer look at what a diesel generator is as such, its components, the advantages it brings with it and where you can buy yours.

electromechanical generators

diesel electric generators

To begin with, it is necessary to clarify that a diesel generator is a machinery whose objective lies in the generation of electrical energy through the transformation of mechanical energy.

Now, how does this process happen?

We have to remark that the energy that is provoked in this particular case through the rotary movement of a motor, takes the name of "mechanical energy” that through a whole process that is carried out inside the generator, ends up being transformed into electrical energy.

How does a diesel generator work?

As we had previously mentioned, a diesel generator or power plant converts mechanical energy into alternate energy, which is prepared to go through a series of wires whose final objective ends up being the supply of the facilities to which the generator is located. connected. 

Since we already have clarity about the operation of this type of generators, it is important to keep in mind which are the components that conform it.

If you want to know more about the operation of diesel electric generators, press here.

What is Faraday's law?

Parts of a diesel generator 

Diesel Generator Advantages

Fast answer 

This type of generators have an automated on and off system that is responsible for detecting electrical failures with a reaction speed of approximately 10 seconds to carry out its functions.


Considering that diesel generators produce less heat, fumes and other waste compared to the old gasoline generators, they ensure a much longer life cycle. 


By working with diesel we make sure that it will be quite affordable compared to other types of fuels.


Diesel electric generators have a low level of flammability and vapor generation, which makes them suitable for use in facilities and places with poor ventilation. Now, if we undertake the task of analyzing what working with a diesel generator implies, we will realize that unlike gasoline generators, when working with diesel we will have better fuel management and less exposure to different types of fuel. of dangers, given that diesel has the particularity of being less volatile and flammable than gasoline.


We can highlight that the engine used by diesel electric generators has the advantage of having a lower consumption compared to gasoline generators. Causing this that the performance of these series of generators is greater than what its counterpart can demonstrate.

Where can I get a diesel electric generator?

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diesel electric generator
diesel electric generator
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