Smartgen controls

Smartgen Control

What is a Smartgen control? 

A Smartgen control is a type of display device, capable of giving commands to an entire system of generator sets. This controller is in charge of starting and stopping a generator set, even when it is connected or not to an automatic transfer switch (ATS).

Added to the above, another of its great functions is to manage the main safety devices operated within the generator system. 

Smartgen controls
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Smartgen controls

What kind of Smartgen controls are there?

Currently there is a wide variety of models for Smartgen controls, each one of them is designed to meet a series of specific requirements. 

Some of the best-selling models on the market are:

  • Control Module Smart Gen HGM 400N
  • Control Module Smart Gen HGM 410N
  • Control Module Smart Gen HGM 420N
  • Smart Gen HGM430N Control Module

What do these models integrate?

The generator set controllers belonging to the HGM series of the Smartgen brand guarantee the addition of digitalization and network technology, factors that are commonly used for the automation of the generator set.
On the other hand, it presents novelties in the single unit monitor control system, to achieve the automatic start and stop process, some of its additions being:
  • data measurement
  • alarm protection 
  • “Three remotes” (remote control, remote measurement and remote communication.


However, it is extremely important to keep in mind that these are not the only designs that stand out in the Smartgen Line, some of the generalities of the vast majority of Smartgen controls lie in the following aspects.

Smartgen Controls Qualities

Smartgen Controls Features


This type of controllers has a compact structure, simple wiring, advanced circuitry, and very high reliability in terms of performance.


They can be used in electrical devices and in a great variety of systems, some of them being telecommunications systems, coal, oil, metallurgy, railways, construction, among many others.


This type of controllers has an integrated alarm and warning system.


These types of controllers can be operated mainly from an LCD screen, but if necessary, it can be controlled through the USB interface using a PC.

parameter measurement

It is thanks to its powerful microprocessor that it is possible to perform a better adjustment of the fixed values and of the integer limits.

voltage measurement

Each and every one of our Smartgen controls have a microprocessor capable of accurately measuring the voltage of the instruments to which it is connected.

temperature resistance

It comes integrated with a silicon panel, which offers the possibility of adapting to extreme temperatures, supporting from -40 °C to 70 °C.

language interface

It has an interface that has between 6 and 8 languages depending on the model. (Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Polish, German and French)

Smart Gen Drivers

Smartgen Controls in Puerto Rico

The Smartgen Control offers a variety of features and benefits, including an intuitive user interface, a wide range of advanced control, monitoring and protection options, and high reliability and durability in performance. It is an ideal solution for any power generation application that requires precise and efficient control.

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