Battery charger

battery charger

What is a battery charger used for?

A battery charger is a tool whose objective is to transform alternating current into direct current. Being this type of current the one that will later be used to recharge the car battery

It is important to take into account that since each battery is different, it is necessary for chargers to carry a limiter that is in charge of managing the current, and the maximum voltage supplied to the charging process. All this in order to avoid an overload that can cause irreparable damage to the car system.

Battery charger
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How long will it take to charge my battery?

It is important to bear in mind that the charging time of a battery depends entirely on the battery/capacity ratio that the charger has. Another factor that is also of great importance when analyzing the charging period of a battery is the type of battery and the electricity consumption of the connected loads.

It is recommended that as a general rule, divide the maximum battery capacity by the maximum charge capacity. To this result you must add four hours, the absorption time, during which the battery will define how much extra current it may need. 

Tips for battery chargers


  • Once you realize that your battery has run out of power, try to fully recharge it as soon as possible, this way you can prevent acid stratification. 
  • Make sure your charger is compatible with your battery.
  • Make sure that your charger has the automatic disconnection function, in order to avoid possible risks of overloading.
  • The open circuit voltage after charging should be 2.12-2.13V/cell.
  • It is suggested not to charge batteries in temperatures above 45°C.
  • Make sure that the positive pole of the battery (+) is connected with the positive pole of the charger, and the negative pole of the battery with the negative pole of the charger.
  • Do not turn on the charger until it is already connected to the battery.
  • If the battery gets hot or leaks acid, stop charging immediately.

It is recommended that as a general rule, divide the maximum battery capacity by the maximum charge capacity. To this result you must add four hours, the absorption time, during which the battery will define how much extra current it may need. 

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Battery charger

Characteristics of a battery charger

There are a large number of characteristics that will be decisive when choosing the ideal battery charger for you. Below we are going to present some of the most important ones, which you should undoubtedly take into account when you are about to buy a battery charger:

Battery Type

Before going in search of a battery charger, you must be sure about what type of battery your car has, since there are a large number of batteries on the market, such as lithium, calcium alloy, cell wet, lead acid, gel, among many others. Once you know what your battery type is, it will be much easier to find a compatible charger.


Although it may seem like a simple aesthetic factor of minor importance, the design of this tool can provide you with certain facilities when it is transported or stored somewhere. Well, in the past, the first models of chargers were extremely robust and heavy, which somehow conditioned their use. 

charger power

It is essential that when buying a battery charger, you make sure that the power it has is equivalent to that of your battery. For this you must look at the number that accompanies the Amperes per hour (Ah) information that must be indicated on your battery as such. 


It is possible to find 6 V and 12 V chargers. The latter being the best sellers throughout the entire market, thanks to their compatibility with new models and their ability to charge your battery in a very short time.

Need to be plugged in

There are a number of chargers that need to be connected to an electrical current continuously, and many others that have an integrated battery, in order to be used outside the home. It is worth mentioning that these seconds provide you with more security in the event of any inconvenience that arises unexpectedly.


On the market there is a type of charger capable of being mounted in practically any vehicle that has a battery, some examples of its possible uses are boats, cars, tractors and even recreational vehicles.

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