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1800 rpm diesel generator

  • Generator/Iso: Complies with international standards GB/T2820-2009 and ISO8528.
  • Type of motor: Incorporates a Perkins 404D-22G 4-stroke, 4-cylinder diesel engine.
  • Reserve Power: Capable of maintaining operation with variable load during an emergency, ensuring no overload at nominal values, for peace of mind in critical situations.
  • Main Power: Continues to operate at variable load for unlimited periods, with 10% overload available for 1 hour every 12 hours.
  • Dimensions: With a depth of 84 inches, width of 36 inches and height of 70 inches, the JP 30E is compact and easy to place in different environments.
  • Weight: Approximately 2,600 pounds, its solid construction does not compromise mobility and makes installation easy.
Power (ESP)kW/kVA29/29
Power (PRP)kW/kVA26/26
Nominal voltagev240
rated currentA108
Rated Rotation Speedrpm1800
power powerPhp1


Robust and efficient motors, essential for reliable and long-lasting performance.


Stamford Alternators

They generate stable and high-quality electrical energy for various applications.


Advanced Fuel Storage

Safe and efficient storage that guarantees long hours of operation.


Smartgen controls

Intelligent control systems that automate operation and monitoring.


Take the Leap to Energy Efficiency

Raise your expectations with our 1800 rpm Diesel Generator: a robust and reliable source of energy at your fingertips. We are prepared to guide you and perfect your choice. 

It's time to transform your environment with power!


1800 rpm diesel generator.

Ideal use

The JP 30E 1800 rpm Diesel Generator is your ally for continuous and reliable energy, essential in businesses, constructions, outdoor events or as insurance at home. With its robust design and cutting-edge technology, it is prepared for sustained use or in emergency situations. Connect effortlessly and keep your activities going without interruption, trusting that the JP 30E will respond to your energy needs.


Diesel Electric Generator


  1. Standard Components:

    • Includes engine, alternator and cooling system.
    • Solid base structure, shock absorbers and air intake system.
    • Control box with connectivity to the electrical network.
    • Durable material fan blades.
  2. Additional options:

    • Fuel tank integrated with base structure.
    • Cold Climate Upgrades: Water and Fuel Jacket Heater.
    • Advanced monitoring with fuel and water level sensors.
    • Accessories for additional automation and security.
  3. Available Accessories:

    • Muffler and flex elements for noise reduction.
    • Specific accessories for the exhaust system.




Fuel consumptionl/h4.2 (50%) 6.3 (75%) 8.3 (100%) 9.1 (110%)
Phase number Phase 1
Insulation Degree H
Post Number 4
Excitation mode self-excitation
Panel Type digital-panel
Performance Grade G3/G3
Noise Level (Db)OpenType
Silent Type
92 ± 2
64 ± 2

1800 rpm Diesel Generator.


Our 1800 rpm Diesel Generator is synonymous with peace of mind, offering you constant performance and the ability to satisfy your most demanding energy needs. Its operational efficiency reduces interruptions, ensuring that your activity never stops, in daily work or in emergencies.

It combines reliable power, ease of use and cost-effectiveness, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, from industrial environments to entertainment events. With our generators, efficient energy is always on your side, ready to act when you need it most.


Continuous Reliability

Its engine and alternator guarantee safe and fault-free performance.

Advanced Operational Efficiency

Fuel economy that translates into sustainable energy and savings.

Guaranteed Ease of Use

Intuitive Smartgen controls for easy operation.

Versatility in Applications

Suitable for various environments, adjusting to each energy need.


They trust us

Why choose our diesel electric generator?

Choose our 1800 rpm Diesel Generator and bet on peace of mind and excellence. This equipment not only guarantees a solid and reliable power source, but also stands out for its economic efficiency and its ability to adapt to various environments.

With an innovative design and advanced technology, it provides an exceptional user experience, combining ease of maintenance and versatility adapted to the needs of your company or project.

Interested in going deeper? Contact us to explore how our generator can be the catalyst for your project.

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Frequent questions

The speed of 1800 revolutions per minute (rpm) indicates how quickly the diesel engine operates internally to generate electricity. This speed is a standard for many generators because it efficiently balances power generation with motor durability.


Yes, it is suitable for residential use, especially if you need a reliable backup power source. It is ideal for keeping essential appliances running during a power outage.


Fuel consumption will depend on the specific model and the power load it is supporting. Our models are designed to be efficient in consumption, offering excellent operating economy.


Typical maintenance includes periodic checking of the oil, air and fuel filters, and general inspection of the system to ensure optimal performance. We offer detailed manuals and maintenance support services.


Absolutely. Our 1800 rpm Diesel Generator is perfect for businesses that require a continuous and reliable power source, such as construction sites, restaurants, and stores.

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