What is the best electromechanical generator?

Electromechanical generators?

Today, many of the world's large industries are in a completely competitive environment most of the time, and that is why they cannot afford the "privilege" of being out of the game due to electrical failures, since That would imply endless losses.

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electromechanical generators

electromechanical generators

An electromechanical generator is a type of device capable of generating an electrical potential difference between two of its main points, these points take the name of poles, terminals or brones.

Subsequently, he prepares to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. We can say that this transformation process is carried out thanks to the action of a magnetic field that is generated on the electrical conductors positioned on the stator.

In addition to the above, it is worth mentioning that this process is fully supported by Faraday's law.

The main components of this type of tools are: 


This is the immobile part of the outer zone of the machinery. Inside this component we will have the possibility of finding the coils, which, when induced, produce the electrical current necessary to carry out the operation of the machine.

The armature core is positioned inside, it is characterized by having a crown shape and longitudinal grooves, where the armature winding conductors are housed.


On the other hand, this is the moving part of the machinery, and its main function lies in constant rotation in order to produce a magnetic field that is the driver of the induced winding. 

Contains the inducer system and the slip rings, through which the inducer system is powered.

How does it work?

When electromechanical generators are in operation, one of the two parts sets out to create a magnetic flux, while the other deals with transforming said flux into electricity.

Where are electromechanical generators used?

We can highlight that electromechanical generators are very common in the industrial sector, this is caused thanks to their very beneficial characteristics, such as their ability to transform and manipulate energy, their diversification and great efficiency.

Types of electromechanical generators

It is currently a fact that not all electromechanical generators are the same, given that their main difference lies in the type of current they produce. Among their great variety we can highlight two divisions of them:

Alternator electromechanical generators

This type of generators are characterized by the generation of alternating current, they are usually very common in power plants.

Most of this type of generators are characterized by being synchronous alternating current, which in a few words means that they rotate at synchronous speed, a detail that is fully related to the number of poles that the machine has and the frequency of the force. electromotive.

It is precisely this relationship that gives the motor the possibility of rotating at the same speed that the stator imposes on it through the magnetic field.

Dynamic electromechanical generators

This is a rotating electrical machine that, once it receives mechanical energy, is ready to carry out the transformation process to provide electrical energy in direct current.

We must mention that today the use of this type of generators is extremely scarce, and this is due to the fact that the production and transportation of electrical energy is currently done in alternating current.

However, it is possible to find this type of mechanism in different mechanical components, such as a bicycle dynamo. 

Applications of electromechanical generators

One of the most important applications of this type of generators lies in the production of a series of movements that gives life to an engine, whether these movements are turbines, battery chargers and even different industrial machines.

On the other hand, we can also mention that with the implementation of this type of tools it is possible to bring energy to places where electricity is difficult to access, either due to weather conditions or any other external variable that hinders the process.

What energy do electromechanical generators use?

There are several ways to provide energy to these tools, the most relevant being the following:

  • Wind power.
  • Nuclear energy.
  • Hydraulic energy.
  • Seawater energy.

Where to get electromechanical generators?

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