Best brands of gasoline generators

An electric generator is a machine that is responsible for meeting the demand for electricity in adverse circumstances. It does this by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Such mechanical energy is provided by an internal combustion engine; There are mainly three types of generator motors on the market, depending on their fuel: diesel, gas and gasoline. What are the best brands of gasoline generators? Here we tell you.

Of course, the use that will be given to the electric generator (that is, the needs that the generator is looking to supply), will determine which generator is more convenient. It makes no sense to acquire an expensive and powerful generator if the need we seek to meet does not warrant it. This particular case, when the energy demand that we want to cover is not too great, is typical of gasoline generators.

For this reason, before analyzing which are the Best brands of gasoline generators, it would be worth knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a gasoline generator compared to a diesel one. Thus, you will know which one is more convenient for you.

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But which is better: gasoline or diesel?

As we said, all Electric generators They work on the same principle. Those whose operation is based on gasoline combustion generally have less power and are cheaper than diesel. They are ideal, for example, for low-demand jobs and for short periods of time, such as camping or a picnic.

They are less sophisticated: they do not have a casing or a silencing system, so they are very loud in proportion to the low power they offer; They also don't have a large storage tank, making it less self-contained. The electrical power that they can offer ranges from 600W to almost 10KW, which is not little.

On the other hand, its size is relatively small and it is lighter; this advantage makes it much more mobile and versatile; it can fit more jobs, albeit less consistently. If low cost is another factor to consider.

The diesel generators, for example, are more expensive. This is because they offer incredibly more power. Our models, for example, can offer up to 60KW for more than twelve consecutive hours, without major noise pollution, and a voltage regulation that makes the electricity it supplies very safe and reliable.

What are the best brands of gasoline generators?

If you still think a gas powered generator is the machine for you, here are the best brands and the reasons why such generators are better than the rest. We will tell you, in turn, which are the best brands of gasoline generators.


Truper is a company widely known in Latin America and the world for the manufacture, distribution and marketing of all kinds of tools and the most varied machines. As for gasoline generators, it has several models, whose specifications are very different from each other; thus offering a wide range of options to choose from.

Among its models, the most relevant are:

Pretul GEN-10P 26033

The Pretul line offers this relatively low power model: 1.1KW at about 120V. It has a 95cc 2.9 HP engine and a 6L fuel storage capacity. Its starting system is manual, by means of a retractable rope. Its great advantage is its low weight: just 22Kg. It can work steadily for about 4 hours. It is backed by a one year warranty.

Truper GEN-45X 15343

This model offers great power, about 6.5KW at 120V or 240V, in relation to its low fuel consumption. Its 11HP DE 340cc engine is capable of offering a speed of 3750rpm without load. It can work continuously for 9 hours, consuming the fuel stored in its 28L tank. 30 minutes of rest for every 9 hours are enough to restart work. It also has a one year warranty.

Truper GEN-100X 14359

This is the most powerful model offered by Truper. It offers a maximum power of 10KW, offered in 127V and 240V, backed by an 18HP 680cc 4-stroke OHV engine. Undoubtedly, it is a powerful and very useful machine for specific jobs in rural areas. However, two disadvantages can be mentioned: its 28L tank supports a work of no more than 5 hours; It has a weight of 137 Kg, although its frame has two pairs of wheels to facilitate its transport.


Mikels, owned and supported by the Coromarket business group, is a Mexican company with two decades of experience in the field of marketing and distribution of all types of machines, tools and products.

Mikels GCE-800

Many times the energy needs are not very demanding, but they are still needs. Sometimes great power is not required. In these cases it is prudent to have a generator like the Mikels GCE-800. It offers just 800W, which is not much. However, its small weight and portability make it ideal for camping or small hikes in nature.

Mikels GCE-10000

This model, although basic, meets the expectations that may be had on a gasoline generator. It has a 4-stroke engine, which is relatively powerful at 15HP. There are three outstanding features of this model: it has an electronic starting system, which makes it more functional; a status display that shows real-time voltage, current frequency and fuel level; and, to facilitate its transport, solid wheels and a very low weight of 108Kg.


Without a doubt, Hyundai is a world-renowned brand. Its fame is due to the innumerable car models it has been manufacturing since the end of the 1960s. Today, it is considered the fourth largest car producer in the world. But Hyundai's activity is not restricted to that.

Currently, Hyundai is also engaged in the production and distribution of a wide variety of machinery for industrial, agricultural and domestic use. They can include pressure washers, chainsaws, a complete line of tools, compressors, motor pumps, generator sets, etc. As for gasoline generators, these are some of their models.

Hyundai HYE2020i

The power-to-weight ratio of this model and the modern specifications it has is really amazing. Being totally portable, weighing only 22Kg, it can offer a maximum power of 2KW. It is possible thanks to a small but powerful 2.5HP 4-stroke engine, fed by a 4L capacity tank. The output voltage is 110; also having USB ports. It's really quiet, making it ideal for quiet outdoor activities like fishing or a picnic.

Hyundai HYE3800ps

If what you are looking for is greater power and practicality, this is the indicated model. A 15HP 4-stroke engine, supplied by a 25L tank, supports its power, which reaches 3.8KW. It has electric start and, in case of any eventuality, manual start. It has a sensor for the level of oil and gasoline. Ideal for constructions in remote places

In conclusion, both Truper and Mikels and Hyundai offer a wide range of gasoline generators to suit different needs.

Truper stands out for its variety of models, from the lightweight GEN-10P 26033 to the powerful GEN-100X 14359.

Mikels, meanwhile, offers options such as the portable and lightweight Mikels GCE-800 for outdoor activities, and the functional Mikels GCE-10000 with electronic start and status display.

World-renowned Hyundai introduces the compact and quiet Hyundai HYE2020i for leisurely pursuits, and the Hyundai HYE3800ps with increased power and practicality. Whatever your choice, these brands offer reliable and efficient generators to meet your power needs.

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