What to do during a hurricane?

Hurricanes are shocking and potentially dangerous natural phenomena that affect various regions of the world, especially coastal and Caribbean areas. In this section, we will provide you with valuable information on how to act before, during and after a hurricane to ensure the safety of your family and the protection of your property.

Without further ado, let's delve into the realm of hurricane preparedness and safety.

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What to do before a hurricane?

Preparation is the key to facing a hurricane safely and effectively. Before the storm approaches, it is essential to take early steps to protect your family and property. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do before a hurricane hits:

Keep an Emergency Supply Kit

  • Make sure you have enough non-perishable food and water to last at least three days.
  • Prepare a first aid kit complete with basic medical supplies.
  • Store extra flashlights, candles, and batteries.
  • Pack warm clothing, blankets, and personal hygiene items.
  • Gather important documents, such as IDs, medical records, and insurance paperwork, and place them in a waterproof bag.

Strengthen Your Home

  • Inspect your home for possible vulnerable areas, such as windows and doors that need repair.
  • Secure loose objects outside that could become projectiles during a storm.
  • Consider installing blinds or protective panels on windows.
  • Raise appliances and electrical systems in flood-prone areas.
  • Turn off the gas and water shutoff valves.

Plan an Evacuation Route

  • Familiarize yourself with local evacuation routes and nearby shelters.
  • Communicate your evacuation plan with your family and agree on a meeting point in case you get separated.
  • Prepare your vehicle with emergency supplies, such as water, blankets, and basic tools.

Stock Up on Fuel and Electric Generators:

  • Fill your car's tank and make sure you have extra fuel in secure containers.
  • Consider purchasing an electric generator. Diesel generators, like those offered by JRH Power Generator, are an excellent option for maintaining power during long outages.

Keep Updated Information:

  • Tune into weather radios and stay up to date with hurricane updates.
  • Charge your electronic devices and have portable chargers on hand.
  • Register emergency numbers and family contacts on your mobile phone.

Remember that anticipation and planning are essential before a hurricane hits. 

What to do during a Hurricane?

When a hurricane is in full swing, it is vital to remain calm and follow proper precautions to ensure the safety of your family and property. Here is a guide on what to do during a hurricane:

Stay in a Safe Place

  • When asked what to do during a hurricane, it is important to find an indoor location away from exterior windows and doors.
  • Stay on the lowest level of your home if possible.
  • Avoid sheltering in flood-prone areas.

Stay informed

  • Tune to the radio or television to receive weather updates.
  • Use a reliable weather app on your phone to follow the hurricane's path.
  • When you have no idea what to do during a hurricane, it is essential that you keep in mind that you should not go outside until you receive the signal that the storm has passed.

Prepare for Power Outages

  • Hurricanes often cause power outages. If you have a JRH Power Generator diesel generator, use it with caution following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Use flashlights instead of candles to avoid accidental fires.
  • Do not use electric generators inside your home or near open windows or doors due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

  • Keep your children and pets in a safe and quiet place.
  • Make sure you have enough food and water for them during the storm.

Don't Go Out Until It's Safe

  • Do not venture outside during the storm. Flying debris and flash flooding are dangerous.
  • Wait for local authorities to confirm that the storm has passed and it is safe to move.

Communicate Your Status

  • Keep family and friends informed of your situation.
  • If necessary, call emergency services if you require assistance.

now that you know what to do during a hurricane, rRemember that your safety and that of your family are the top priority during a hurricane.

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what to do during a hurricane
What to do during a hurricane?

What to do after a Hurricane?

Once the hurricane has passed and calm returns, it is time to assess the damage and take steps to ensure safety and recovery. Here is a guide on what to do after a hurricane:

Wait for the Authorities to Give the Signal

  • Do not leave your shelter until local authorities confirm that it is safe to do so.
  • Listen to weather and safety updates to stay aware of local conditions.

Assess the Damage:

  • Inspect your property for structural damage and potential hazards.
  • Be careful around debris and avoid touching downed power lines.

Check the Safety of your Diesel Generator

  • If you have a JRH Power Generator diesel generator, check its condition and perform any necessary maintenance.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions to safely turn it on if necessary.

Get in touch

  • Contact family and friends to let them know you are safe.
  • If you have neighbors who need help, offer your support if it is safe to do so.

Record the Damage

  • Take photos of damage to your property and document any losses or injuries.
  • This will be useful for filing insurance claims and applying for government assistance if available.

Stock Up on Supplies

  • Make sure you have enough food, water, and medical supplies to last several days, as recovery may be gradual.
  • Pay attention to updates on the availability of public services such as drinking water and electricity.

It helps the community

  • Participate in community cleanup and mutual aid efforts if it is safe to do so.
  • Offer your support to local or national relief organizations if you are able to do so.

Plan for the Future

  • Use the experience as a lesson for future preparations.
  • Consider investing in a backup electrical generator if you don't already have one.

The Importance of Having an Electric Generator

When a hurricane hits and traditional electrical systems are affected, having an electrical generator and running it correctly becomes one of the things you have what to do during a hurricane

Here we explain why it is essential to have one of these backup devices in your home or business:

Communications Maintenance

An electrical generator allows you to maintain vital communication with the outside world. You can charge your mobile devices, radios or even maintain the internet connection if you have a router powered by the generator.

Food and Medicine

In the event of a prolonged power outage, an electric generator allows you to keep refrigerators and freezers running, preventing food from spoiling. 

Comfort and Well-being

During a hurricane, the temperature can vary drastically. An electric generator allows you to keep heating or air conditioning systems running, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for your family or employees.

Business Continuity

For businesses, an electrical generator is essential to keep business operations running. Avoid production interruption and economic losses by ensuring the operation of critical equipment and safety systems.

Security and Lighting

An electric generator provides lighting when it is needed most. This is essential to prevent accidents and ensure safety at home or in the workplace during a power outage.

Damage Minimization

By keeping pumping systems, such as submersible pumps, running, an electrical generator helps prevent flooding in flood-prone areas during a hurricane. You can also keep alarm systems and security cameras running, helping to protect the property.

Long Term Savings

Although it may initially seem like an investment, an electric generator can save you money in the long run by preventing food loss, damage to electronic equipment, and loss of business income during a power outage.

Contact with Experts

In situations of hurricanes and other natural disasters, having the advice and experience of electrical generator experts can make the difference in your level of preparedness and safety. In JRH Power Generator, we are here to provide you with the guidance and assistance necessary so that you know What to do during a hurricane.

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