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The best Diesel generator?

Are you looking for the ideal Diesel generator for your projects?

If that is the case, let me tell you that you are in the right place, here in JRH We are pioneers specialized in the manufacture and distribution of all types of generators. 

We have a great team of professionals who are experts in everything related to manufacturing, installation and generator maintenanceTo that we can add that our advisors are extremely willing to give you all the help you may need in choosing the generator that fits perfectly with you and your company.

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diesel generator

Nowadays, electric generators have positioned themselves in the industry as that tool that can save you in delicate moments, moments in which you cannot afford to stop the production of your company in the event of a power failure, since assuming that mishap would represent a large number of losses. to the company.

The operation of this type of instruments is based on the continuous rotation of an internal combustion engine in order to generate electricity thanks to the friction generated, this movement is produced by the use of some type of fuel, be it gasoline, propane or Diesel (In the case of this type of generators, the ideal fuel is Diesel due to its performance and low waste production).

Now, you may have a question...

Which is the best?

This particular question is extremely difficult to answer, since the quality and efficiency of an electrical generator is subjected to a large series of variables, the most important of which is the user's energy needs. 

What do we mean by this? We are referring mainly to the use that you want to give to the generator at the time of purchase, since the fact that a generator specifically designed to provide power to a car, will not be able to provide the same performance as a generator manufactured to supply to an entire building. 

It is precisely for this reason that it is difficult to provide a particular name. However, we can tell you about some of the most used generators today:

FARADAY X HYUNDAI 6000w Soundproof

Some of its features are:

  • Nominal Power: 6 kW.
  • Maximum Power: 6.3 kW.
  • Voltage: 230 V – 50 Hz – Single phase.
  • Current: 28A
  • Sockets: 1x16A / 1x32A
  • Fuel tank: 12 L.
  • Operation (50% charging): 12 h.
  • Noise level (7m; 50% load): 72 dBA.
  • Engine Model: Hyundai D500E.
  • Engine cooling: Air. Reinforced with internal fan.
  • Power: 12 HP.


Some of its features are:

  • Maximum Power: 8.1 kVA 6.0 kW (230)
  • Rated Power: 7.5kVA (400) 5.5kW (230)
  • Voltage: 400 / 230
  • Current: 14 (400) / 28 (230)
  • Alternator: FULL POWER 100% single-phase and three-phase.
  • Fuel tank: 14 L.
  • Noise level (7m; 50% load): 77 dBA.
  • ATS connection (automatic start by signal)
  • AVR (automatic voltage regulator).
  • Finish: Open.

Some of its features are:

  • Generator: GB/T2820-2009, ISO8528
  • Alternator: VDE0530,NEMA MG 1-32, IEC34, AS1359
  • Diesel engine: ISO3046, DIN6271
  • Standby Power: Continues to run on variable load for the duration of an emergency. No overload is allowed at these ratings.
  • Prime Power: Continues to run on variable load for unlimited periods with a 10% overload available for 1 hour in any 12 hour period.

Why having a diesel generator?

Nowadays obtaining a generator More than a whim it has become a necessity, and this is evident when analyzing the fields where this tool is most used.

We will begin by mentioning all those industries that depend on massive computer networks, networks that are generally in constant operation, and a power failure could jeopardize the management of many data banks.

To this we could add its great importance in the field of health, construction and surveillance.

Where can I buy a diesel generator?

electric generator repair shop

Whom JRH We are experts in the matter, since we currently present ourselves as one of the main references in the market when we talk about the manufacture and distribution of generators. 

We have a large number of experts in all areas related to the management of diesel generators, experts who are willing to accompany you and advise you throughout the entire process and thus help you acquire the ideal generator for you.

We would like to introduce you to our latest great innovation, we are talking about our new range of Diesel generators, if you want to take a look at all its components, operation and other utilities, wait for us and check it out at the following link.  

Why trust us?

Throughout our existence we have had the opportunity to be part of a large number of projects like yours, with our help you can be sure that we have all the necessary tools and knowledge to be your right hand on this occasion. 

It should be noted that we are not only dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of generators, but we also have an expert team in the maintenance of these tools.  

If you wish to consult with one of our advisers, press the following button. 

We are waiting.

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