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The market offers many options to meet the energy need that arises so suddenly in a blackout or in a very remote place where, because it is so isolated, the commercial electricity network simply does not reach. Among all the options that allow you to continue enjoying electrical energy in such situations, we find a lot of variety, which in principle is a good thing. But it happens that, considering so many options and so varied, it becomes difficult to make a correct decision.

Below, we'll look at two different options on the market that are often confused: the Electric Generator vs. Generator Set. It is usually thought that it is the same machine, since its operation, apparently, is very similar. But, as we will see, they obey different operating principles and their technical specifications are also different. We will also consider what are their advantage Y disadvantages regarding the use that can be given to them.

Types of electric generators and uses

generator set 

Generator sets are machines that generate electrical energy, in the form of alternating current, by harnessing mechanical energy. Described in this way, a generator set can be thought of as the same as an electrical generator. Nevertheless, it is possible to differentiate them according to the technical specifications of each one, such as the size, the supply capacity, the power, or the frequency and durability of the service they can offer.

In this sense, the characteristic feature of this type of machine in particular is that it has a separate engine. This element plays a central role in the operation of the machine, since it offers greater power to the alternator, mediated in turn by the regulator, which translates into a higher power. It must also be said that, being diesel, it is much more autonomous, has a significantly longer useful life, and offers a longer service.

Of course, the superior power that a generator set is capable of offering makes it more suitable for some tasks and less suitable for others. It could easily cover the energy demand of an office apartment, or a hospital room, or a hotel floor, or even a residential complex, but, for many reasons, it would not be suitable for a more domestic and less demanding use. a mobile electric generator would be better for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of a generator set

The use to which we put the generator set will make its advantages or disadvantages relative to us. In other words, the benefits it offers can outweigh the inconveniences it may entail.

Main advantages

  • A great advantage of this machine is that it efficiently delivers superior power that is capable of meeting large energy demands. We easily find units on the market from 10 KW to the incredible 3500 KW.
  • They can maintain sustained and prolonged work for a considerable time. They can even work permanently. This advantage, like all others, is particularly notable in its use.
  • Running on diesel, as anticipated, they have a longer lifespan and are more independent. It must be said that this feature also offers the advantage that its supply is quite cheap.
  • There is a wide range of generator sets on the market that, varying in their characteristics and prices, will adjust to the needs and possibilities of those who plan to purchase them.

Main disadvantages

Taking into account these advantages and disadvantages, which we must not forget that they are related to the use that is going to be given to the machine, we can make a more informed decision about the acquisition of an energy alternative. Next, we will see what a generator is, how it works and what advantages and disadvantages it represents for those who acquire it.

  • An obvious disadvantage is that they are really bulky and heavy machines, which makes their transport and installation process a bit difficult.
  • Being fixed, they must have a defined and specially conditioned place to guarantee good ventilation and noise insulation.
  • As there is a combustion process in their operation, they are noisy. However, nothing prevents the adaptation of a silencer.
Electric generator vs Genset
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Parts of an Electric Generator

Electric generator

A generator is that machine that, like a generator set, It is responsible for transforming the mechanical energy of a motor into reliable, safe and economical electrical energy. Its function of supplying alternating current can be used in two main circumstances that warrant it: when the need for electricity arises in a remote place that does not have a commercial network, or when there is a commercial network and, for some reason whose resolution is Out of reach, there's a blackout.

Its operation is based on Faraday's law. It can be described as the generation of alternating current by rotating one or more electromagnetic fields, which means the flow of electrons through one or more lines.

This rotation of electromagnetic fields is possible thanks to a fundamental element: the alternator. This, in turn, consists of two elements: the stator, which remains stationary and in its structure there is a winding that allows the capture of the movement of electromagnetic fields mentioned; and the rotor, which is a mobile element attached to the motor shaft.

Main advantages

Of course, a generator does not offer the power that a generator set can offer. However, this is not a disadvantage in itself. Well, they depend on the need that needs to be satisfied. Also, it offers some different features that maybe make it more convenient than other machine. For example, it is ideal for domestic work that does not require significant energy expenditure.

Advantages and disadvantages of an electric generator

  • They offer considerable power, if we consider the stationary ones. These, unlike mobile phones, reach extremely high powers. Our models reach 60 KW.
  • Depending on the model, a generator can easily withstand a long working time. There are even those that come to work permanently.
  • They have a considerable shelf life.
  • Generally they suppose an easy maintenance and an economic supply.
  • There is variety in the market in terms of its functionality characteristics, which allows choosing one that best suits the need that needs to be satisfied.

Main disadvantages

  • They have a relatively high cost. However, as there are so many options on the market, you can choose the one that best suits you with a reasonable cost-benefit ratio.
  • Its installation is complex, but not necessarily inconvenient. It is necessary to have a suitable place that meets the proper security conditions.
  • Its operation is a bit noisy, as also happens with the generator set. However, a muting system can be implemented.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of both types of machines. We reiterate: one may be more appropriate than the other. To find out more and advise you better, we recommend that you contact us so that we can guide you professionally so that you can find the ideal option for you. In the same way, we invite you to consult the characteristics and technical specifications of our models.

Electric Generator VS Generator Set Which is better?

In the debate between electric generator vs generator set, there is no definitive answer as to which is the best option. Both offer advantages and disadvantages that must be considered depending on the specific needs and circumstances of each situation.

The generator set stands out for its ability to supply superior power, satisfying large energy demands. In addition, it can work continuously for a long time and its diesel engine gives it greater autonomy and a longer useful life. On the other hand, its size and weight can make it difficult to transport and install, it requires adequate space for ventilation, and it can generate noise.

As for the electric generator, although it does not offer the same power as a generator set, it is more convenient for domestic applications and with lower energy consumption. Its operation is based on Faraday's law and it can generate alternating current reliably, safely and economically. Stationary generators have considerable powers and a long useful life, and their maintenance and supply are usually simple. However, their installation can be complex and they can also generate noise.

In conclusion, the choice between an electric generator and a generating set will depend on the specific energy demand and the conditions of use. Both options offer advantages and disadvantages, so it is recommended to seek professional advice and consider the characteristics and technical specifications of the models available on the market.

Where can I get an electric generator?

If you are looking for a Electric generator Reliable and high quality, look no further. In JRH, we are the right company to satisfy your energy needs. We have a wide range of diesel electric generators that fit different capacities and applications. Our models They offer considerable power, easy maintenance and economical supply. Whether for home or commercial use, in JRH you will find the ideal option for you. Contact us today and let us provide you with professional advice to provide you with the perfect energy solution.

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